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    “ People dedicated to people ”

    What a great feeling, looking back and seeing everything I’ve left behind!

    Only I can change my life, nobody can do it for me

    It is possible to do the impossible

    I feel heard.

    Challenges make life more interesting; overcoming them give sense to life

    Take care of your body; it is the only place to live in

    Talent win games, but teamwork wins championships
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    psychologically loving ourselves, so we can emotionally love ourselves
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We are psychotherapy and coaching center, formed by a team of psychologists that focus on supporting the growth and development of the emotional, psychical and spiritual potential of the human being, on the individual, couple, family and companies level. << Our goal is to make people's processes easier so they can nurture the human potential have a harmonious life>>
We are highly trained in Collaborative therapy, Gestalt, Systemic, Brief strategic therapy, cognitive therapy, Family constellations, neurolinguistic programming, Ericksonian hypnosis, body-mind and Bioenergetics, making an integration of these to support the patient/client, offering a large range of possibilities to improve their personal and professional life.
We have more than 20 years of proven experience in the development and grow of the human being, through psychotherapy, coaching and workshops.







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Our goal is to make people's processes easier so they can plant, nurture and harvest a full and harmonious life.




This is a therapeutic space to grow, nurture and advance in the comprehension of yourself.

We, as therapist, accompany you to acquire a greater comprehension of yourself, to achieve positive changes in the different areas of life, to overcome challenges and solve dilemmas, as well as learning to coexist and manage emotions, and increasing self-confidence and self-value.





Couple's therapy is recommended when there are dilemmas such as distance, communication, loss of love, unfaithfulness, jealousy, sexual issues, divorce, abuse, etc.

It helps to understand and solve conflicts, and to make better relationships. It provides tools to potentiate the communication, conflict solving techniques are used, and it also makes it easier to negotiate the differences between the couple.

The duration varies depending on the dilemma and the client's attitude.





The Systemic approach considers the family as a human system in which members maintain reciprocal and multidirectional relations.

When one of the members faces a difficulty, all family members relate direct or indirect with that situation, that's why the therapeutic approach is more effective and appropriated if we take into consideration the whole family system, and not only the person who faces the difficulty.




The personal growth group is an opportunity to approach any type of dilemma in a more enriching way because of the interaction with the other members.

It facilitates the exploration of emotions, attitudes and behaviors, in an atmosphere of trust and support that promotes the individual growth and the group's growth at the same time.





For kids with emotional dilemmas, with language, learning, behavior and attention difficulties, etc.

In our approach we emphasize the kid's view as a creative being and in constant growth, capable of consciously guiding his behavior, developing the maximal potential to satisfy his needs as a unique human being.





Adolescence is a transition stage when physical and psychological changes happen. Dilemmas can often arise and then professional assessment can be needed; these dilemmas include breaking the rules, rebellious behavior, risk behavior, eating disorders, fears, etc.

Therapy is directed so the teenager can achieve individuality, being responsible for his acts and finding the sense in his life. We might involve parents in some sessions.




Is a process in which strengths are explored and there's a reflexion in every aspect implicated in the search of the best for the person in question; all that has to do with capabilities, skills, interests and values so the best career choice can be made.

The next strengths are explored: Capabilities and skills "what they can study", Professional interests "what they want to study", Characteristic features "what they can be "

"All the best is yet to come... making it happen"



‹‹ Your consultation without having to leave home ››

We would like to help you in your personal growth, through a one to one conversation via videoconference; with a length of 60 minutes, where you can consult any kind of issue



  1. Download SKYPE (if you don't have it already) an add us:
  2. Send us an e-mail to  and 


  3. For the nex session our psychologists will give you an account number so yoy can make the payment.
  4. once you made the deposit, reach us again so we can make the new appointment and contiunue the videoceonference sessions.

Click on the PayPal image if you would like to make your payment online and start your therapy, you can also make a bank transfer.





‹‹ Supervision practices  ‹‹  Posmodern therapy  ‹‹ Personal expertise





‹‹ Personal growth ‹‹ Family constellations ‹‹ The art of a full life ‹‹ Couples in crisis (From conflict to love)  ‹‹ Growing and closing circles ‹‹ Eating disorders .





‹‹ Magic circle (kids) ‹‹ Increasing my potential (Summer course for kids)l ‹‹ Kid's workshop

"Free yourself from your life dilemmas"

Do you have a big dilemma as a burden that you just can't let go? Do you wish to change some personal attitudes? Do you have a current dilemma that you want to face?

You deserve to be happy now



Reaching a healthy weight can help controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. It also helps to prevent diseases related with weight, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, some types of cancer, among others

So it is very important for your psychical and psychological health to maintain a healthy weight.



In Creciendo we help you to achieve this through these simple steps:

‹‹ Change of habits through hypnosis
‹‹ Psychological therapy
‹‹ A balanced diet

No more weight issues! Decide to change your life.

Make a valuation appointment for FREE
TO PHONE 01(477)7170951





Intervention for a change in the culture and organizational development through:

‹‹ Evaluation 
‹‹ Working environment 
‹‹ Collaborative teams of high performance




Conversations one to one <<Giving people feedback on their strengths and weaknesses <<We focus on specific problems or areas to improve performance and to develop people’s skills <<We help to shape a person’s beliefs and values in a positive way on short term




‹‹ Collaborative leadership (discovering the employee's potential)
‹‹ Assertive communication. 
‹‹ Conflict management. 
‹‹ Creativity and innovation. 
‹‹ Stress managementl.




  • Ana, 29 years old:
    “Thanks to therapy I learned who I am, what is it that I like, and how there are situations and people that can condition me if I don’t do anything; now I’m doing something about it”
  • Diego, 23 years old:
    “Going to therapy helped me learn how to change my habits and behavior, before, when something went wrong, I closed myself and now I accept things”
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